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Elihu Duayer is a new member from Rio de Janeiro. Elihu has been working for major Brazilian magazines since the 1980s.Perhaps not surprisingly, if you consider both Brazil’s ecological riches and its economic growth, several of his cartoons and illustrations concentrate on environmental issues. His “Prison City”, “Amazonian Eden”, and his portrait of unionist and environmental activist Chico Mendes all are good examples. Again other drawings deal with topics like generational misunderstandings, racism, and new technologies. I am sure that Elihu also does simple gag cartoons though – after all he has been working for MAD magazine.

Cartoons of Interest

Ah, museum guards... I guess those killjoys are acceptable targets for stereotypization.

A link to toonpool's growing collection of cartoons on the recent events in Tunisia.

A charming portrait of famous Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker

I wish I knew enough Italian to know what M. Petrella's beautiful strips are about.

A cartoon portrait of The Who. Please note drummer Keith Moon's monkeyish charm.

A caricature of David Bowie by Darrell. Does Mr. Bowie really have those ugly fingers?

Personal Favorite

Western labor's two greatest fears finally combined in a cartoon by Swiss artist Martin Guhl. By the way.. does anyone know a decent comic font for the captions? The one I'm using looks awful.

Paul Hellmich


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