Last Week on (November 8-14, 2010)


Caricaturist Doodleart, born Douglas Stout, is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Some of his digitally-drawn works feature Manohead-like extreme distortions (e.g. this portrait of the governator). Others don’t. Perhaps you have already seen this amazing Polanski via our facebook page. You should also check out this dynamic portrait of caricaturist JM Borot and this caricature of Lucy Liu. Another thing I found interesting was Doodleart’s take on the giant heads of traditional street caricature (here & here).

New member Fred Coince lives and works in Petit-Mars in western France. Some of Fred’s works are photos that have been digitally altered. I particularly liked this one of Big Ben and this one depicting a giant Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin striding towards the camera. His non-photographic oeuvre includes portraits like this depressed ginger Rasputin and this cartoon version of 80′s group Talk Talk as well as digital illustrations like this “head game” or this cartoon version of the iconic “Jaws” poster.

Cartoons of Interest

A bunny doing a backflip. Cuteness ensues. Great composition, too.

A caricature of Steve Zissou by Torben. Not a single thing wrong with this one

The peacock (Pavo cristatus): creature of ancient myth, also great with dumplings meta humour: Marian Kamensky's take on Dirk Berren's avatar

Flies just love to keep you awake in summer nights. Small, buzzy bastards.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gulping down a fried liver ball. I don't know why.

Personal Favorite

"El Toreador" by Perugino is my personal favorite. It has that air of quiet anticipation.. and that suggestion that Mr. Matador will remain in this position for quite some time. I also like the way Perugino turns photos into ligne-claire pieces. Or at least that's what I think he does.

Paul Hellmich


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