Last Week on (October 4 – 10, 2010)

I will use this issue of “Last Week on” to try out a new layout. This is the “Cartoons of Interest” tabloid special, so to say. Less content – more images.  Tell me what you think about this approach..

If you are looking for cartoons on this years winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, click here. Also keep in mind that our exhibition in Izmir opens on Friday, October 15.

Cartoons of Interest

A black-and-white-and-blue portrait of wrestler Triple H.Looks very 90s-ish.

This one is called "Tiresias?".. It's a great drawing and it's more than mysterious

A "morning after" cartoon. Sorry for giving away the joke in the thumbnail

A cartoon on age- induced forgetfulness and its consequences if you are a king

A caricature of Vivian Leigh by Tobo. Be sure to check out his other new portraits as well.

A cartoon on new solutions to the persistent problem of inner city traffic jams

A caricature of Jimi Hendrix by Graphicurry. Note the blotty hairdo.

A cartoon on spaghetti that reminded me of my kindergarten days. Or Gagh.

A Bible-themed cartoon on fast food. Sad & somewhat sacrilegious yet funny

Personal Favorite

My personal favorite is "Hüpfball" by Puvo. The caption reads: "Strange.. Every time Bertha would ride her space hopper, the boys went crazy." One more thing about space hoppers (or kangaroo balls) : They are really disappointing when you compare the actual hopping to the way you imagined you would hop. I had to get this off my chest.

Paul Hellmich


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