Letter from Amman (Jordan)



For this new issue of Letter from… column, we asked toonpool artist Omar Momani about his life and begged for some photographs of his working place and the city he lives in right now, Amman. And if you ever travel there and you see a man wearing a giraffe as a scarf, he would probably be Omar. Read the interview below to find out why.

01. Which movie/tv character you see yourself as and why?

Well, I see and also many friends see me as Harry Callahan from the Diry Harry movies, because I don’t give a damn about what it is no worth to me in the world.

02. What was your New Year’s resolution?
To finish my first short animated movie, this means that I must finish it this year.

03. What bores you the most?
Routines and phony compliments, I also add chemistry cos i’ve never understand it

04. Do you like your place or would you like to live somewhere else?
I love cities that are on seashores (which is not Amman’s case)

05. What are you able to do that Superman can’t do?
For sure I can do a better disguise; it’s so obvious that Clark Kent is Superman!!!!

06. If you were sleep walking one night, where would you probably wake up the next day?
Probably I would wake up in the woods, next to an owl on a tree.

07. What would you wear to be kicked out from a black tie cocktail party?
I’ll just wear my underwear, and with a snickers


8. Tell me the biggest prank you did on a friend.
Once I told my friend that if he drinks water every day he would have the water pox, so person must 
drink a day and a day not, so my friend believed that, till he exposed that and everyone laughed on 
him, and sure he kicked my butt


09. How to ruin your vacation?
Sleeping all day and not doing anything, I really hate myself when I am in apathy.

10. If I gave you a giraffe, where would you hide it?
I will fold it and hide it in my closet as a new scarf.

11. What do you do when you see the glass half empty!
I will enjoy drinking the other half.


Credits to Nicoleta Ionescu for
talking with
Omar Momani

© toonpool.com

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2 Responses to “Letter from Amman (Jordan)”

  1. menekse says:

    :D In this interview, I can see that Omar is a guy who funny and likes to enjoy life.
    ( I laughed a lot to the prank he did on a friend ) :) )))) And nice photos!!
    Congrats Omar, Congrats Niki!!

  2. Nando says:

    You really are a celebrity. Aren’t you, Omar? :)

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