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Sting One (born Alberto Sting Russo) is a “digital” caricaturist living in Lausanne, Switzerland. Apart from actually achieving a likeness to the portrait’s subject – a talent not as widespread among caricaturists as one might think – Alberto also has some other talents I would like to point out. First of all, he chooses poses and backdrops that differ from your standard caricature. This might just be a talent for choosing the right reference photos, but it stillmakes a difference. Take, for example the light in McQueen’s eyes & the garage backdrop in Miss Tyler‘s portrait. Second, there’s a feel for the right amount of distortion – look at Bruce Campbell‘s neck. Finally, there is also a certain sense of humor that shows in Hulk Hogan‘s shirt.

Ruben Arutchyan is a new member from Yerevan, Armenia. The most striking thing about his drawings is his use of lines – lok at these three cartoons, for example. He also did this nice redecorating Napoléon and – dismissing his trademark lines – this mysterious painting. A third approach of his is this minimalist line drawing. Not as hypnotic as the other ones but similarly effective. I only wish he would choose actual names for his cartoons rather than just numbering them.

Cartoons of Interest

Croatian artist Zed started painting his watercolor portraits on pages of books.

Probably not funny if you don't know comedian Mario Barth. It is if you do.

...And that is why you are not supposed to touch some paintings in art galleries.

Not a cartoon. I just thought this was a beautiful 50s retro illustration.

Doesn't work in translation. No generalizing singular in English. Dang.

A caricature of Stevie Wonder by Darrel. Does Stevie really have creepy teeth?

Personal Favorite

This week I decided on a caricature of Georgian politician Eduard Shevardnadze by Medi Belortaja. Cross-hatching and digital colorization do go together well.

Paul Hellmich


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