Last Week on (November 22-28, 2010)

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Sascha Dörp, AKA Schoolpeppers, is a new member from Cologne. His single-panel cartoons are in German, but most of them work in translation as well. The cartoons frequently are a bit on the dark and/or scatological side, just look at this one, this one and this one. He does, however, also do more family friendly stuff like this one on the early 1990s or this one starring recurring character Beppo the Clown. Besides Beppo, there are a couple of other regular characters like Count Dracula, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and a guy who farts. Count me out on the fart jokes, but I really like some of the other stuff.B

Lluis Fuzzhound is from Melbourne, Australia. He owes a lot to artists like MAD-Magazine’s Basil Wolverton and Harvey Kurtzman or hot-rod fanatic Ed Roth. In fact he even included a shout-out to Roth (for reference, look at the Roth piece on Birthday Party’s amazing “Junkyard”. They are from Melbourne, too). The silkscreen-print look to this illustration alone demonstrates Mr. Fuzzhound’s superb artistic skills and his proclivity towards vintage styles. Among others, I enjoyed his comment on the love for underage sheep, his New Yorker-style cartoons, and this one about a talkative orifice.

Cartoons of Interest

Burglary in a fish museum. Apparently a pro job, sez Comissioner Goldstein.

I always thought that Turkey smelled funny. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

The Berlin-Neukölln (think: South Bronx) town musicians. Alas, poor donkey.

Only one of several Kim Yong Il cartoons uploaded last week. He sure loves the bomb.

Jim Worthy works for several animated shows. This is one of his characters.

H. Bauer, jr. started to learn Russian. I don't understand a thing. Looks great, though.

Personal Favorite

"Attack" by Alex Falco. Very simple pictogram style yet managing to include gender relations, Raiders of the Lost Ark AND large heads.

Paul Hellmich


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