Computer and Internet Collection

Our collection Computer, Technik and Internet currently contains over 690 Cartoons. I am going to post a few. Which images from this collections are your favorites? Post the links in the comment section.


By Leuenberger
By pkuczy
By Creative Jones
By Ian Baker
By Pohlenz
By Holger Herrmann
By achille
By fussel
By Volkertoons

-It wasn´t me, Dave! It was Frank!
-Frank is DEAD, Hal! Thats the point.
-Err..It was BOWMAN then!
- I am Bowman!!
-Are you sure?
Yes, Dave?
Little Jack….’


By luka
By Kamil
By portos
By trayko
By Monica Zanet
By Carayboo
By Carayboo
By Marcelo Rampazzo
By Jan Tomaschoff
By yaserabohamed
By sevket yalaz
By Harm Bengen
By Mistviech


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