2009 Elections Cartoon Contest

We are proud to announce the winners of the alternative 2009 Elections Cartoon Contest. After an excessive viewing session of the 352 participating cartoons (plus a few totally unrelated cartoons that had somehow ended up in the CCC collection), intense discussions and a democratic decision, here are the results:

Winner: "Steinmeier and Obama" by Lexluther (Germany)

Second Winner: "Angela Merkel" by Nicoleta Ionescu (Romania)

Third Winner: "Steinmeier VS Merkel" by Salnavarro (USA)

You can see the winners and places four to ten in this collection. It was hard enough to agree on three winners, so actually all other cartoons in this gallery share place four. If you want to make up your own mind about all the Merkels and Steinmeiers: this collection contains all participanting cartoons.

For all of you who participated: Thank you for submitting your work. You contributed to a global exchange of art, opinion & humor and I am sure you made a couple of people laugh, smile, smirk, or giggle. Keep up the great work!

members of the jury: Max Pohlenz, Bernd Pohlenz (CEOs, toonpool.com), Rebecca Conrad (Creative Director, toonpool.com), Paul Hellmich (Blog Guy, toonpool.com), Niels von Boldvig (Cartoonist from Århus, Denmark), Sven Larsen (Lecturer, Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule), Karl-Ludwig Baader (Editor, Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung)

Paul Hellmich

Jury photos:






© toonpool.com


4 Responses to “2009 Elections Cartoon Contest”

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  2. mailto says:

    I like these results much better. bravo.

  3. Nina says:

    auch mal schön hinter die Kulissen zu schauen :) LG!

  4. [...] met Niels von Boldvig, aka Vo Bo in the jury for the toonpool.com Election Cartoon Contest. When I learned that he worked for the Walt Disney Company as a freelance colorist, I got pretty [...]

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