Rückblende 2008

Rückblende 2008: Germany’s best cartoons and photographs published in newspapers have now been awarded with overall prizes of more than 25,000 Euro. The contest is organised by the Landesvertretung Rheinland-Pfalz (state Rhineland-Palatinate) every year in Coorperation with the Bundesverband der Deutschen Zeitungsverleger (German newspapers publisher’s association) and supported by sponsors like Der Spiegel, Leica, Pelikan and others.

This year’s winners in the cartoon section are:

1. Nel (Ioan Cozacu)

2. Ari Plikat

3. Heiko Sakurai

Artists, journalists and other people on the After Ceremony Party:

rückblende 2008

Arnd Hawlina, cartoonist and architect

Cartoonist Freimut Wössner

Cartoonist Freimut Wössner

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3 Responses to “Rückblende 2008”

  1. RonaldS says:

    How nice to see the faces (and some women) behind the names!
    Can we see the winning cartoons too? I do not just take your word :)

  2. Bülow says:

    the participating works you can see here:

  3. Ben Heine says:

    Fantastic blg and news. I’ll link up with it from my own blog

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