Another Dimension

Lloyy was born in Havana, Cuba and moved to Spain in 1999. He earned several awards and – as far as I know – he is the only member who made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. Twice.  (He drew live caricatures for 24 hours without break in Cuba in 1999 and, again, in Spain in 2003). Lloyy’s recent works expand the limits of drawn caricatures by adding three-dimensional elements. We talked about this new trademark style and about the future of non-digital cartoons.

Lloyy, can you tell me about how you got the idea to do these “three-dimensional” caricatures?

Well.. after years of doing traditional “hand-made” caricatures and seeing more and more artists leave their brushes for computers – and others starting with computers right away – I decided that it was time to renew the traditional method in some way. Then it occurred to me that I should combine two techniques I had been using separately before: painting and sculpture.

Can you explain the process of creating such a sculpture/caricature hybrid?

The process always starts with a sketch in which I will mark the parts that will stand out in the final portrait. I will model these parts in wax and fix them to the canvas. Then I will apply a primer and paint the actual caricature.

Where do you keep them after they are finished? I could imagine that they take more room than ‘classic’ paper-based caricatures.

It really is difficult to store this type of work. Every time I finish one, I have to frame it and hang it on the wall. At the moment there is still enough wall-space, though. And, after all, these paintings are meant to be put on display and eventually sold. Still, I hope that I will never have to sleep on the streets.

Are there still ways in which think you can improve the 3D technique?

Yes. Not only do I think that the 3D works will continue to evolve and improve over time, I am also convinced that there is a need for me to continue exploring new ways of expression using this technique.

You also do another type of caricatures that I think is interesting -
dissolving faces into separate parts. Do you still do these or are they from a different phase of your oeuvre?

I have been using these other techniques and styles for years and I am not going to discontinue them because of the 3D style. At the moment I may dedicate more time to 3D, but I still continue to explore the possibilities of the other style in both painting and drawing.

How do you decide which style to do next?

One of the key factors is definitely time. If a caricature needs to be done urgently, I will usually prefer to draw it. Every 3D piece takes several days to finish.

I would like to get back to something you said earlier on – the bit about your frustration with other artists switching to digital. Do you think that “hand-made” cartoons will prevail in the long run?

I think that, despite the current trend towards computers, a hand-made caricature will always retain its charm. People go to exhibitions to better appreciate the artist’s technique, his strokes, etc. – the unique features of an artwork. As for pictures done on a  computer… Well, I like them and I admire the skill of the artist. But, as with ‘hand-made’ art, I prefer to see the original version – that is, the one on the computer screen and not the print job.

Thanks for your time!

Paul Hellmich


19 Responses to “Another Dimension”

  1. menekse says:

    As Jorge said, The works that done on a computer are truly admirable in terms of skills, But it is also an indisputable fact that; handmade works will always be preferred from artistic aspect because all kinds of opportunities created by the artist’s own (against opportunities that presented as ready by the computer).
    Anyway, great interview! Congrats Jorge, you are really a genius!
    Wish you to continue your successes!

    PS: Jorge, if you let me know when your walls fulled, I can allow you to use my all walls. ;) )

  2. menekse says:

    I think will has to open a special section for you…… “3D section” ;)

  3. lloyy says:

    Thank you very much dear Menekse for your brilliant words and support!!! this one well when he needs much walls satisfies me to be able to possess his help haha.

    It is a very good idea a section of 3d … not only for my but for all those who do it or it want to try … but it is toonpool the one who must do it.

    Regards !!!:)

  4. Iralia V. ( Kidor) says:

    Congratulations, Master! You’re really special!
    I read your interview and I enjoyed every word, as do when I’m in front of your works … mostly remain speechless. Even so now … hmmm …
    Congratulations, I say? (Wholeheartedly!)
    Greetings from Romania!

    Your smile is determined by what is to appear under your hands?
    Anyway, nice smile … hehehe

  5. menekse says:

    Yeah, I think it would be useful to the work of Sevcan too. ;) but unfortunately I don’t know another artist in toonpool who do it.

  6. lloyy says:

    Thanks you very much Paul Hellmich, for your interview, congrats and regards!!!:)

  7. lloyy says:

    thanks dear Menekse for url of Sevcan!!! interesting work… If it is true that there do not exist many artists who do this type of works, surely apareceran little by little!!

  8. lloyy says:

    Thanks dear Iralia!!! wow your words and suport are very estimated for my!!!

    Hahaha…My hands communicate with my smile!!!! greetings from Spain!!:))

  9. mailto says:

    Love the interview!

  10. lloyy says:

    Thanks so much Mailto!!:))

  11. Felicitaciones. Tu sabes cuanto aprecio lo que haces!

  12. Munguía says:

    Excelente Lloyy! Viva el arte manual

  13. lloyy says:

    Muchas gracias mi estimada Niki…el aprecio es reciproco, tambien me gusta muchisimo tu trabajo.

  14. lloyy says:

    Gracias mi amigo Munguia!!…yo no desprecio ninguna manera de expresar el arte y admiro lo que se puede hacer con una computadora e incluso alguna vez tambien he realizado algunos trabajos con su ayuda…solamente es mi punto de vista y como me gusta hacerlo, por eso mi aprecio a todos los colegas que independientemente de los medios o soportes que utilice…un fuerte abrazo mi amigo y que viva el Arte e general!!

  15. Cigden Demir says:

    Great interview! Dear Jorge,I knew you better now thanks to this interview and admire more and more…. :D Congratulations!!!

  16. lloyy says:

    great honor for my to receive your excellent comment!! Dear Cigden, I also admire your work! !… many thanks!!!!:D

  17. Ricco says:

    Excellent interview, special technic & style! Like your art very much! Keep up with your fantastic work!
    All the best!!!!

  18. lloyy says:

    Thank you a lot dear friend Ricco for your comments and support !!! Regards!!

  19. Alex says:

    Me ha encantado saber de tí, amigo Jorge.
    La incorporación de la plastilina en tus trabajos es prodigiosa,poco más puedo añadir.
    Precisamente yo también estoy experimentando este campo y ya tengo algunas cosillas en TP.
    Echale un vistazo,si te apetece.
    Un abrazo

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