Letter from Berlin

For this new issue of Letter from… column, we asked toonpool.com artist Katharina Greve about her life and begged for some photographs of her working place and the city she lives in – Berlin, third most-visited city destination in the European Union and also the birth city of toonpool.com. Katharina’s humor is straightforward, her characters are very simple and iconic so the message transcends it all. Straightforward is good, but sometimes pranks are bad for friendships… find out more directly from Katharina’s letter!

1. Which movie/TV character you see yourself as and why?

The White Rabbit in „Alice in Wonderland“. It’s always in a hurry, too.

Katharina still has that dress but had not found the opportuniy to wear it again

2. Next plans or ideas?

Short-term: inhaling and exhaling. Long-term: to become a droll old lady. Mid-term: write and draw a new graphic novel.

3. Your food today?

Too much chocolate.

4. Do you like your place or would you like to live somewhere else?

Ok, the weather is not always the best and the sea is four hours away. But to live somewhere else? No way!

Berlin--Rosenthaler Platz. This house used to stand in another country

Not the best food but the best view. The restaurant at Berlin television tower

5. What was the huge mistake in your life you (unfortunately) never did?

To make a really huge mistake.

6. Who are your neighbors?

Nice families with ever so creative children, who always come up with completely new, hitherto unknown very loud noises – preferably at the weekend and early in the morning.

This great fellow lives down the hall with Katharina´s roommate

7. Tell me the shortest joke you know

π = 3

8. Tell me the biggest prank you did on a friend.

Those to whom I have played a big prank, are not my friends anymore – an indication of either the depth of the friendship or the nature of the prank.

9. How to ruin your vacation?

A beach without fossilized animals and a hotel room with living animals.

Outdoor fun. Comic Local Calls for the 48 hours Neukölln art festival in Berlin.

Katharina´s desk

Left: East Berlin. Background: the Golden West. In between: construction site of the new Berlin Wall Memorial. Everywhere: the first snow

10. In 1977 NASA has sent orbiters Voyager 1 and 2 into space which will never stop to fly through the universe by gravity. They contain the Voyager Golden Records with many testimonials of the whole mankind, greetings in 55 languages introduced by US president Jimmy Carter (“This is a present from a small, distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and our feelings….”). The Golden Records with a lifespan of 500 million years at least are including drawings of a naked man and woman, detailed genitalia, many scientific graphics, sounds of planet earth and music by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart – and Chuck Berry:


Maybe aliens out there will be shocked in some million years! But in case such a NASA mission will be replayed: which (1) of your artworks should join it?

11. Please give us an answer to a question we didn’t ask!

Yes, please! With milk!

Credits to Nicoleta Ionescu for talking with Katharina Greve

© toonpool.com

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2 Responses to “Letter from Berlin”

  1. Alex says:

    I loved this interview … I identify myself with some of the answers … the drawing “life planning” is absolutely brilliant.
    Congrats Katharina and Niki!
    BTW…not milk to me,please!
    ;) )

  2. menekse cam says:

    :) Berlin, wondercity! It’s a very nice feeling to be greeted by people who don’t know you in everywhere.
    I also like too much your “Life Planning”, Katharina. :)
    …and Berlin tv tower, it seems wonderful! ( I could bet I saw a bright light on the tower for a moment. I think was an illusion ) :)
    Interesting interview again! Congrats….

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