Letter from Sydney

For this new issue of Letter fromcolumn, we asked toonpool.com artist Mark Lynch about his life and begged for some photographs of his working place and the city he lives in – Sydney, a city that has 70 harbour and ocean beaches. No one can miss the humor waves he creates on toonpool. Mark is recipient of many national cartooning awards and is able to beat his son at arm wrestling, but not in scrabble.

After so many prizes and exhibitions Mark can call himself an exhibitionist

1. What was your dream last night?

I dreamt I was eating a giant marshmellow and woke up chewing on my pillow.

2. Next plans or ideas?

I am developing an cartoon app for the iPad.

3. Your food today?

Fruit, grains, sandwiches, beer & wine.

4. Do you like your place or would you like to live somewhere else?

Perfectly happy here in Sydney, Australia.

5. What was the huge mistake in your life you (unfortunately) never made?

I never won the lottery but I’m trying to rectify that mistake every week.

Beach day

A cat´s and a fan´s worst enemy is a closed door

Enviable comfort zone

6. Who are your neighbors?

Ghengis Khan, Atilla the Hun and Jack the ripper. An extremely friendly neighborhood and great if you like kids. (for breakfast)

7. Tell me the shortest joke you know

An Englishman, a German and an Irishman walk into a bar. The barman says, ‘What is this…some sort of a joke!?’

8. Tell me the biggest prank you did on a friend.

I married her!

Relaxing here puts a smile on Marks face even when reading the news

That is where clever humor is created

9. How to ruin your vacation?

Go to an alcohol-free resort!

10. In 1977 NASA has sent orbiters Voyager 1 and 2 into space which will never stop to fly through the universe by gravity. They contain the Voyager Golden Records with many testimonials of the whole mankind, greetings in 55 languages introduced by US president Jimmy Carter (“This is a present from a small, distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and our feelings….”). The Golden Records with a lifespan of 500 million years at least are including drawings of a naked man and woman, detailed genitalia, many scientific graphics, sounds of planet earth and music by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart – and Chuck Berry:


Maybe aliens out there will be shocked in some million years! But in case such a NASA mission will be replayed: which (1) of your artworks should join it?

The cartoon about environment.

Environment cartoon

Jack is probably thinking he´ll beat his dad soon at arm wrestling

11. Please give us an answer to a question we didn’t ask!

Eighty nine and a half.

Credits to Nicoleta Ionescu for talking with Mark Lynch

© toonpool.com

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5 Responses to “Letter from Sydney”

  1. Dear Mark,
    congratulation for the interview by Toonpool!
    Your cartoons are very funny,the best is the evolution with a barrel oil on the island!Australia is so far,but in 21 century so near…
    Have a great inspirations!

  2. Menekse Cam says:

    :D I know and like his wonderful cartoons. He has a great sense of humor. Funny interview, beautiful photos! Loved his work area and favorite spot. … and I’m afraid of someday he will tell to his wife “everything just was a joke!” :D

  3. alexjaws says:

    Very impressed by the place where Mark lives .. really .. I feel a healthy envy… it’s wondrous …
    Hey, Mark;I understand that you don’t think of another place to live in the future.
    I believe that with such an environment, it would be difficult to opt for sitting at the table and draw something …
    Great artist, great sense of humor and great interview.
    Congratulations Mark and Niki.

  4. Hayati says:

    Very good interview, bravo Niki. I would like to see more cartoons by Mark in toonpool. (of you also dear Niki) Best regards.

  5. elle62 says:

    short and funny interview! enjoy it! what about a vacations-switch..? i take
    some month in your house in sunny sydney while you get a bed in my flat in
    shitty cold berlin… best wishes to down-under, mate!

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