Last week on (January 31 – February 6 2010)

This week’s news items aren’t really fit for a conclusive article. I could write about Germany’s plans to buy out Taliban fighters but… well, just look at last week’s article. Maybe it could be worthwhile to show how this cartoon by German artist Bernd Zeller apparently inspired Afghancartoons to do this cartoon and how he later must have made up his mind to draw a cartoon that took the exact opposite position. But the article would end at that.

I could also write about cartoons on the recent cases of sexual abuse at German Catholic schools. But then I would have to write about how the cartoons mostly perpetuate century-old Protestant stereotypes about Catholic priests. And there’s no need to do that.

Then I could write about the German goverment buying stolen data about tax evaders. I doubt, however,  that this would be interesting to any of our non-German readers. But I just have to show this cartoon. I think this a great gag and after all the media coverage on Pirate Bay it should work for a relatively large number of people despite its geekiness.

In the end, I decided just complain about how that staff member posting stuff on facebook stole my ideas for the “Cartoons of Interest” section. First the Mondrian and then that novelty cartoon about 3D glasses. But you haven’t thought of The Bobble, Brain Access or the Elephant Busker. And you totally missed Exploding Charlie Chaplin. Because it has been posted TODAY! In your face, mysterious staff member.


kamilNew member Kamil Yavuz is from Istanbul. He has created great collage-style portraits of Turkish politicians. The first one is definitely made from pieces of meat. Or so I think. His other work is more traditional – mostly coloured pencil drawings and water colors. I liked the massive cigarette, the astronomical tuba and the tiny knife. Or the over-sized USB plug – depending on your perspective.

Cartoons of Interest

I found a cartoon that’s even better than the ones I listed above. The man says: “Sometimes I think you’re just after my money.”

Paul Hellmich


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