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Nikola Angelkoski is a new member from Skopje. Most of his works depict Macedonian celebrities so I can’t say too much about resemblance. What I thought was interesting about them is their variety of styles. The only constant feature is Nikola’s reliance on pens and pencils instead of computers. There are some portraits done in pencils and some in red chalk. Some are  very losely sketched in ink (here & here) while again others are meticulously cross-hatched or (I think) done in drypoint. I especially like the somewhat old-fashioned character of works such as this portrait of Macedonian revolutionary  Goce Delčev.

Cartoons of Interest

A portrait of Wikileaks' Julian Assange by Ben Heine. This probably took some time.

A snowman cartoon. Berlin is rather slushy these days - but we won't give up hope.

A lot of people here worry about high levels of dioxins found in poultry products.

Terpsichore. I couldn't identify the original painting, but it works great in this cartoon.

The sad truth about pirates and parrots. It also explains the eye patches and peg-legs.

So... this guy walks into a bar and meets this whoopee cushion. No, really.

Personal Favorite

My favorite cartoon is another "snowman" cartoon. It's from a series of cartoons called "Who's Perfect" by German artist Martin Zak. For more carrot-and-coal cartoons check out our collection "There's No Men Like Snowmen".

Paul Hellmich

Goce Delčev Goce Delčev

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