All submissions for AIRBUS A380 contest

Edit: SUBMISSION TIME IS OVER (June 15th)! is looking for most funny, witty and beautiful cartoons treating the new airplane AIRBUS A380! Here are all images submitted in time for AIRBUS A380 contest! Thank You for participating.

A jury consisting of experts in art and aviation will determine the winners on 1st of July 2010.The guidlines regarding this can be found in our forum: Here are the guidelines! Please read!

Enjoy the submission we´ve received:

By Cheah

By Agim Krasniqi

By Elias Tabakeas

By lexaart

By HSB-Cartoon

By Shahid-Atiqullah

By M. Mayevsky

By Sergei-Tunin

By Rita Kohel

By David-Le-Jars

By Bernd-K.-Diehl

By Dariusz-Wójcik

By Gerd Bauer

By Valeriu Kurtu

By Gheorghe Matei

By Michael Holtschulte

By Clive Collins

By Peter Knoblich

By Tang

By Alan Benson

By Péter Ballner

By Schwarwel

By Thorsten Kyon

By Hannes Mercker

By Nold

By Johannes Geisthardt

By Valentin Georgiev

By Katharina Dabels

By Raquel Orzuj

By Roberto-Mangosi

By Osvaldo Diaz Moreira

By Björn Hammel

By P. Knoblich

By Santi Durán


Edit: End of submission time. Thank you all for participating! :)


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2 Responses to “All submissions for AIRBUS A380 contest”

  1. GREAT TOONS! Well done to my colleagues! Stiff competition, as it should be!

  2. menekshe says:

    I liked them sooo much! Congrats to all participants !

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