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A couple of days ago, the gentleman in the picture approached us and asked if it was possible to have his portrait drawn by toonpool.com artists. So, here’s the deal:

If you would like to participate, post your caricatures until April 15, 2011. Simply upload them to toonpool.com as you would do with your other works but be sure to add the tag “portraitpitch. We will post all contributions in our blog.

There are no restrictions to color, style, or technique. Portraits can be realistic, cartoon-y, colorful, black-and-white, vectorized, crudely hand-drawn, etc..

Our client will buy the picture he likes best for 300 Euros (all of which will go to the artist). If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Please click on the pictures to enlarge.



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37 Responses to “Draw Me”

  1. menekse cam says:

    Great event!! Congratulations toonpool.com and good luck in advance to all participants!!

  2. menekse cam says:

    Please to first page!!

  3. Paul says:

    Should be there in a couple of minutes. There’s always a little delay (due to technical reasons I don’t need to understand)

  4. Tomek says:

    Yeah!! That’s a right thing for all of us, a great opportunity to show our competitive spirit and our talent.. thank you! :)

  5. Ben Heine says:

    nice to present it this way! Looks great

  6. Jam Laudico says:

    Nice subject. I have’nt try to draw a guy but i’ll try to make 1 for him

  7. A Tale says:

    Are there any limitations ? For example, the work should be realistic not a caricature, coloured not b/w etc. …?

  8. Great competition! and a question: could you post more photos? I work with volumes and front photos are not enough for me. For example here I don’t see the depth of the nose…

  9. Jeff Stahl says:

    Nice idea. I’d like to know : does the request concern a drawn portrait or a caricature ?
    Best regards.

  10. Battlestar says:

    @ A Tale and Jeff Stahl: There are no limitations. Color, b&w, collage, caricature, portrait…everything is possible.

  11. Battlestar says:

    @Xavier Salvador: we try to get another picture of the profile.

  12. Thomas says:

    That’s not specified, but the drawing must be hand drawn or that can be digital painting?

  13. Battlestar says:

    @Thomas: can be hand drawn or digital.

  14. A Tale says:

    @Battlestar: Thank you for the faq (fast answered questions).

  15. Zach says:

    Wow—an excellent opportunity for lovers of spec work! ;-)

  16. Bennac says:

    I will join. Just doing a lot of stuff right now but I am excited to join!

  17. Есть большая разница в оплате карикатуры : не должно быть,чтобы рисованный рисунок(тушь и акварель) стоил столько же, сколько стоит в цифровом виде – это не честно и не профессионально. Тем более,есть карикатуры со словами(текст),а есть без слов,это тоже большая разница в мастерстве,значит и оплата должна быть другая !!!

  18. There is a big difference in caricature payment: should not be, that рисованный drawing (ink and a water color) cost as much, how many costs in a digital form it is not fair and is not professional. Especially, there are caricatures with words (text), and there is without words, it too the big difference in skill, payment means also there should be another!!!

  19. Remy Francis says:

    Hi there

    Can we make more than 1 submission?

    Thanks n rgds

  20. .:LuciDO:. says:

    please … name, country of origin and zodiac of this person if possible…Thank You…^v^



  22. Ramses says:

    Can I have the images by e mail? And I need some brief currículum

  23. Battlestar says:

    @Ramses: Click on the images in this blog to enlarge them and just copy them to your desktop.

    @Lucido: Concerning his name the client would like to keep a low profile. But we can tell that he is german and a scorpio. :)

    Best Wishes
    toonpool.com admin

  24. David Goytia says:

    Hola mande una caricatura hecha con photoshop, pero tengo problemas para introducirla, necesitaria ayuda gracias

  25. Tchavdar says:

    Isn’t there a nonsense?You wrote: post your CARICATURES until… and below:Portraits can be realistic… .At least CARICATURES or PORTRAITS?

  26. rimmus says:

    I sent a portrait.
    A very interesting person.
    It was nice to draw ^_^

  27. Derek Easterby says:

    Let us have more of this kindafun guys!!!

  28. Handren Khoshnaw says:

    i send you my work today,,, i hope that all of you like it,,, best wishes

  29. msb says:

    ı draw ”draw me” but ı didn’t see my draw in here it is on my gallerry

  30. Paul says:


    You need to add the tag “portraitpitch” as mentioned in the blog entry. Also, the gallery above is filled manually, so it usually takes some time until caricatures show up here.

  31. Aleks says:

    If you would like to participate, post your caricatures until April 15, 2011.
    hello, today is 15 april, may i know who is winner?

  32. Paul says:


    No, you may not know who’s the winner. Yet, that is. ;)

    People still have the rest of April 15 to send in their works.
    After that our mystery client will have to choose his favorite.

    The winner will be announced early next week.

  33. Handren Khoshnaw says:

    hello … where is my draw, why it dosen’t publushed yet??

  34. Handren Khoshnaw says:

    ok thank you my friends ,,, i see my draw now..

  35. menekse cam says:

    to choose one of them will be really difficult!! :D

  36. nayar says:

    by veve is soo nice

  37. [...] deadline to our Draw Me Pitch has come and gone and we have received a massive amount of contributions. In fact, there were so [...]

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