Pizza Pitch

BUONA SERA! WE ARE HUNGRY AND LIKE TO ANNOUNCE A NEW CONTEST. We are searching for the best cartoons about:

Eating Pizza & Pasta – the famous Italian Food

Pizza Quattro Stagioni or Tonno, Spaghetti Bolognese or Carbonara, Tiramisu, Olio di Oliva & Parmigiano – have you ever drawn scenes about enjoying Italian meals (archive)? Or are you inspired to join our contest with new funny ideas?

The agony of choice from a long menu card, handling spaghetti at a romantic candlelight date with a new lover (while listening kitschy Italian pop songs) or pizza as street food (while getting a call from your mobile) – we are looking for very witty and ironic (not disgusting!) scenes – cartoons as well as illustrations. What is a pizza? Has it geometric structures? Is is a science? A philosophy? A global vision of life? A religion?

We are planning an exhibition in case there are enough entries joining (and maybe a catalogue or book).



1. Prize: Euro 150,00

2. Prize: Euro 100,00

3. Prize: Euro   50,00



1.) Please upload contest’s cartoons on (starting now). Number of entries is unlimited. Hi Res (300 dpi) needed (for the purpose of a catalogue).

2.) Stringently required is a tag ‘pizzapitch‘ for each entry to join (for old cartoons too).

3.) We will collect and display all Pizzapitch-cartoons in our blog.

4.) Deadline for submissions is May 15th (22:00h CET).

5.) A jury from a Berlin Art Academy, lecturers & professors, will gather to determine the winners.

6.) Winners will be announced in our blog section on May 16th.

7.) Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

Please note our new Pizzapitch Song (which is a cartoon too):

Buon Appetito!

Artwork used for the blog preview picture by Addison.

Submissions so far:


19 Responses to “Pizza Pitch”

  1. Addison says:

    I think the one you used to promote this contest should win. :)

  2. Bruja says:

    <3<3<3<3<3 I love Pizza <3<3<3<3<3

  3. yasar kemal turan says:

    şimdi öğrendim.konu ilginç.şimdiden birbirinden çok ilginç espirilerle renk katmaya çalışacağım.sevgiler

  4. rain says:

    pizza hm….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  5. Bennac says:

    This is fun! If in case you make a book out of it, will you send all participants of the copy of the said book?

  6. menekse cam says:

    Everything looks very good!! I love too much the idea of an exhibition and catalogue!! GOOD LUCK!

  7. You shuold reward the no winners with a couple of the big pizza with pepperoni and anchovies.



  9. Jiří Srna says:

    La prego di dirmi l’indirizzo email è possibile inviare concorso di disegno pizza. Grazie George Roe

  10. badham says:

    Wahnsinn, welche Vielzahl an Ideen die Pizza so hervorlockt! :)
    Viele tolle Ideen sind bis jetzt dabei!

  11. msb says:

    pratik ve hazır yemek
    ancak üç beyazdan ikisi var içinde tuz ve un
    bizde de lahmacun,ve kıymalı,peynirli,sucuklu pideler var pizzaya benzeyen
    bu yiyecekler leziz olmasına rağmen malesef kilo aldırmakta
    sıcak ve sulu ev yemeklerinin yerini tumamakta
    ama çağımızda da zamanla yarışan insanların kurtarıcısı olmakta
    şu ana kadar çizilen 91 karikatürün içinde 12 tanesini ben çizdim
    11 tanesi pizzanın lezzetine vurgu yaparken (trafik işaretleri,ameliyathane,gümrükte,helikopter,leylek,kargave tilki,ay,23 nisan,sonsuz tat, aydan dünyanın görünümü)bir tanesi de nükleer tehlike gibi oboziteye dikkat çekmek içindir
    buna rağmen ben de severek yiyorum pizza lahmacun ve pideleri

    * I wright Türkish good things if you want you can understand by use google translate

  12. msb says:

    an important question over here:
    i’ve draw 9-10 pizzapitch cartoons but at this page there are only 6 of them. is it limit of attendin to contest or is there a problem ?

    ps: all cartoons are tagged as “pizzapitch”

    thanks !

  13. A says:

    Is there an age limit?

  14. James says:

    I submitted a drawing with 300 dpi but it still looks small when i enlarge it. hmmm is it just my computer? dont know

  15. yasar kemal turan says:

    valaaa sonuç açıklanmadı,pizzalar yandııı.aboooooow

  16. yasar kemal turan says:

    A ya cevap:yaş sınırı yoktu.pizzayı tanıyor olmak yeterliydi:))

  17. isso says:

    Today is the 17th.

  18. Battlestar says:

    Due to so many submissions we will announce the results tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. :)

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