Bunnies and Eggs

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Like all holiday-themed cartoons, Easter cartoons are somewhat tricky. On one hand, there is a huge demand for them. Artists can’t afford to miss such an opportunity. On the other hand it’s quite hard to come up with an original idea when one third of the world’s population hast been plastered with eggs and bunnies in all possible kinds of variations since the late nineteenth century. It’s not impossible, though. Here are nine great Easter cartoons.

I would like to close with a list of Easter-themed gags that perhaps have been used a little too frequent. Who knows, maybe this list will make a difference for next year’s Easter cartoon glut.

1) Anything of the incongruity of bunnies and eggs, i.e. bunnies hatching from eggs, laying eggs or, heaven forbid, making out with chicken

2) Bunnies breaking the law in order to get their eggs

3) Chicken laying colored eggs

4) Any feud between Santa and the Easter Bunny

5) Zombie-Jesus

Happy Easter!

Paul Hellmich

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