A letter from Brussels

For this new issue of Letter from… column, we asked toonpool.com artist Ben Heine about his life and begged for some photographs of his working place and the city he lives in, Brussels capital of the of the European Union, a major center for international politics.

The circles portraits, the Pencil vs. Camera series or his strong expressed views on the world communicated trough art – all are part of Ben’s artistic universe and really make you wonder about the man behind this.

Le Petit Julien’s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manneken_Pis) clothes are a perfect inspiration for what to wear to a black tie cocktail party ! Read more fun stuff on the following letter.

01. Which movie/tv character you see yourself as and why?

Maybe The Joker, because he is the opposite of what he pretends to be.

02. What are your New Year’s resolutions?

I have the bad habit to not follow my New Year’s resolution… So I don’t take any…

03. What bores you the most?

I hate doing administrative stuff, you know… I’m very bad at it and never understand why it’s important.

04. Do you like your place or would you like to live somewhere else?

I’d love to move away, very far. But maybe if I was living somewhere else, I’d want to come back…

05. What are you able to do that Superman can’t do?

Die, sadly.

06. If you were sleep walking one night, where would you probably wake up the next day?

50 km away, in the countryside… where the air is fresh.

07. What would you wear to be kicked out from a black tie cocktail party

I’d come naked

08. Tell me the biggest prank you did on a friend.

I’d better not reveal it… Too dangerous.

09. How to ruin your vacation?

No sun, no girls…

10. If I gave you a giraffe, where would you hide it?

I’d cut it in pieces and eat it, lol.

11. What do you do when you see the glass half empty!

I’m usually somebody optimistic, so I’d be cool and happy until the glass is totally empty.

Credits to Nicoleta Ionescu for talking with Ben Heine

© toonpool.com

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6 Responses to “A letter from Brussels”

  1. lloyy says:

    Excellent! Congratulations and good luck in all your professional projects.
    greetings from Spain!

  2. menekse cam says:

    Really a very good letter!! :)
    I immediately recognized which Ben is, in his childhood picture? :D
    Btw: I’d hide in the refregerator the remaining parts of the giraffe. So they would be fresh for longer! ;)

    Good luck and success in all your life, dear Ben!!

  3. Kidor says:

    Congratulations, Ben! You’re a great, great artist!
    All the best for you and…greetings from Romania!

  4. Congrats dear Ben… :)

  5. Ben Heine says:

    thank you all!!!

  6. Very nice see one part of your world! I love your favourite bar,When we have a few beers there?

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