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Great news, everyone: proudly presents “A Smile Goes ‘Round the World / Bir Gülümseme Dünyayı Dolaşıyor”, an exhibition of cartoons by artists from all over the world. The exhibition will take place in Izmir, Turkey between October 15 and 29, 2010 (scroll down for more detailed information & click here for some photos taken at the opening ceremony). This is an interview with charming Menekşe Çam who made all of this possible.

Menekşe, it’s so exciting that there will be a exhibition in Izmir. Can you tell me how this came into being?

In fact, my husband first brought up the idea of a joint exhibition when we visited Berlin in late January. I mentioned the idea in the interview I gave back then and got very positive responses. I really want to thank Bernd Pohlenz for trusting me with the organization of the first exhibition in the “real world”.

Of course I also have to thank all the artists who agreed to join the exhibition and sent in their cartoons. Finally, there is the people at the BKM (Buca Municipality Cultural Center) who agreed to host the exhibition and gave us all the things we needed. Organizing this took a lot of time – more than three months. And it took a lot of hard work.

So, what is the general idea of the exhibition?

First of all, it’s a wonderful cultural event that puts the works from a great cartoon community on display for the first time. Second, the exhibition shows that this community can act together when necessary.

There is no profit in this event apart from spiritual pleasure and artistic prestige. Still, I hope that we can repeat this exhibition in other countries – after all, our slogan is “ – A Smile Goes ‘Round the World”

Buca Municipality Cultural Center

How many artists will be on display in Izmir?

It was really hard to choose between more than 80,000 artworks by almost 2,000 artists from 160 nations. In the end we had to settle for 58 cartoons by 58 artists from almost as many different countries. Among the artists on display are Matteo Bertelli from Italy, Pawel Kuczynski from Poland, An Yong Chen from China,  Ernst Mattiello from Switzerland, and Xavier Salvador from Spain..

What kind of cartoons did you choose for the exhibition?

Mostly they were chosen from among the most popular cartoons on – the ones with the greatest number of votes and comments. Some of them are political, some funny, and some thought-provoking. There will be a catalogue, too.

An Earlier Exhibition at BKM

Will some of the artists be present at the opening ceremony?

Yes, Buca Municipality will host ten artists in a hotel on the seaside – for two nights and three days. This includes accommodation, breakfast, and dinner. There are still some free spots.. artists who sent in their work and would like to spend a spend a weekend vacation in Izmir should just contact me.

Thanks for your time, I am really looking forward to seeing the photos taken at the grand opening!

EDIT: photos added HERE

Paul Hellmich

“A Smile Goes ‘Round the World / Bir Gülümseme Dünyayı Dolaşıyor”
Izmir 2010 Cartoon Exhibition

October 15-29, 2010

BKM (Buca Kültür Merkezi / Buca Municipality Cultural Center)
Uğur Mumcu Caddesi 29, Izmir

No Entry Fee

Catalogue available at BKM,
participating artists will receive a free copy


Friday, October 15 – 18:00 Grand Opening (the mayor of Buca will open the exhibition)

Saturday, October 16 – tours organized for visiting artists (Ephesus, House of Virgin Mary, Ephesus Museum, Church of Saint Jean, Sirince village)

Sunday, October 17 – tour of Buca (İzmir)


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18 Responses to “ Exhibition in Izmir”

  1. alexjaws says:

    All this sounds great,and that’s a wonderful place to exhibition…
    Dear Menekse,I’m convinced that all your effort will have been worthwhile
    I hope you have great success !!
    A warm hug

  2. Menekse says:

    Dear Alex,
    Thanks for your sincere opinion and good wishes. I believe everything will be wonderful!
    Greetings from Izmir ;)

  3. badham says:

    It’s a very good idea and I hope it’s not the last one! Good luck to the exhibition!

  4. Dear Menekşe Çam and Toonpool(Bernd Pohlenz),
    Thank you very much for this great exhibition.I hope the opening day of the exhibition will be amazing and “all these smiles goning round the world” will take place in people’s faces :)

    Good luck for the exhibition

    hoping to participate …

  5. menekse cam says:

    :D Thanks a lot dear Çiğdem for your wonderful comment and good wish. It would be great surprise to see you there.. :)
    ..and thank you so much dear Björn!! :)


  6. I hope the exhibition will be a great success. I want to see some photos!

  7. menekse cam says:

    I also hope… :) You will see a lot of photos. …and a catalog.

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  10. Kerina Strevens says:

    This all sounds wonderful! x


  12. menekse cam says:

    THANKS! The day is grand day! :)


    congratulations Menekse … good time every body .

  14. lloyy says:

    Excellent Dear Menekse!!! congrats :) )*********************

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  16. menekse cam says:

    Thanks Elrayah and Jorge! :)

  17. sal navarro says:

    Congratulations on the successful exhibition,Dear Menekse,i enjoyed a lot looking at all the pictures!all that hard work paid off.

  18. menekse cam says:

    Many thanks dear Sal! Best wishes and greetings from Izmir…

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